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I read five books and a novella this month, which isn’t too bad considering how much time I spent reading blogs instead of books. (And I’m still behind! How is that even possible?) Anyway, here they are:

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (reread)

Wildwood by Colin Meloy

We, Robots by Sue Lange

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Good Enough to Eat by Stacey Ballis

The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht

Miscellaneous stats:  I borrowed four of the six books from the library, purchased one, and one was a gift.  Two were ebooks, and one of the ebooks was a library book – yay for OverDrive!  My one reread was The Wednesday Wars, which I read for the 5th-8th grade book club I run at the library. (The book club has been a blast; remind me to tell you more about it sometime.)  Feel free to check out my Goodreads bookshelves if you’d like to see how I rated these books.

And now for some Random Awards:

Best Poorly Written Book Award: Good Enough to Eat. The characters are rather unoriginal, the love story is bland, and the writing is full of run-on sentences (and I thought I was bad!). It is, however, a great portrayal of the difficulties faced by people trying to lose, and keep off, weight. For that reason alone I gave this book three stars instead of two.

Most Casually Graphic Book Award: The Tiger’s Wife. I discovered very quickly that this was not a book I could read while eating. There are quite a few stomach-churning scenes in the novel, but none of them are done for sensation’s sake. They are just part of the story. (All the hype is true, by the way. This is a fantastic book.)

Weepiest Review Award: The Fault in Our Stars. I made it through the book just fine, but when I sat down to write the review I completely fell apart. Did anyone  manage to write their review without crying?  Kudos to you if you did.

I can’t believe it’s February already!  I’m in the middle of two books and a third is patiently waiting for me on the coffee table. What are you up to?

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