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We, Robots (review)

We, Robots: A Novella of the Singularity

by Sue Lange

Book View Café, 2010

original publication: Aqueduct Press, 2007

Source: ebook provided by the author


We, Robots is the story of Avey, a robot babysitter who is given the ability to feel pain. As Avey and her fellow robots’ understanding of their emotions develop, the humans around them elect to block their own emotions, becoming more robot-like themselves than the robots. In We, Robots Avey looks back on its life, from the time it arrived in Wal-Mart to the day it left its owners to return to the factory in which it was built.

We, Robots is a well-crafted story. Avey’s voice is exactly how I imagine a robot would talk and think. When she speaks, she speaks with that stereotypical robot voice, in short, clipped sentences. When she thinks, she processes information rapidly, and puzzles out anything she doesn’t understand in a very logical, stream-of-consciousness manner. I grew fond of Avey as I read the story, and was a little disappointed with the fairly abrupt ending. It is a very introspective novella and I think Avey’s story gets short-changed.

For me, the biggest flaw in We, Robots is not the abrupt ending, however, but the novella’s beginning. It opens with a foreword by author Sue Lange defining the term “singularity.” When I started reading this foreword I cringed. Oh, man, I thought. If she has to explain her story before I’ve even read it, then I’m in for some shoddy writing. But I wasn’t. Lange’s novella stands on its own two feet, no explanation required.  I wish she had let it speak for itself.

If you read this – and I recommend that you do – I suggest skipping the foreword and going straight to the story. It is a contemplative look at the human race and worth a few moments of your time.

P. S.  Bonus points if you catch the Pink Floyd reference!

Thank you, Sue Lange, for giving me a copy of We, Robots!


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